Get The Debut EP NOW

As of March 2016, you can now get Luke’s debut EP “Bipolar Love” from all major download and streaming sites, including: Itunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, and many more.

The EP is completely self-produced by Luke, himself. It features 3 songs (plus a bonus demo version of the title track), which delve into some universally recognised stages within a relationship, or in fact, three separate relationships.

A word from Luke about the EP:

“It’s hard when you are on you’re on your own and unsigned, to do everything yourself, but it’s no excuse. One of my main goals has always been to have at least one album on my shelf to look back on in my latter years, and say, ‘I made that from scratch.’ From the songwriting, to the arranging, to the endless hours I spent at my computer recording, mixing, and producing, this has at least made one of those goals a reality. Each song is relatable to someone, and that’s what I try to write for: to the happy ‘As Long As I Got you’, to the sombre, mixed-feelings of ‘Bipolar Love’, to the, okay-we broke up, but I’m gonna be fine ‘Man Of Steel’. There’s hopefully something for everyone.”

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