Luke first picked up a guitar in his pre-teens, after his Grandad left him one before he died. He didn’t even know until then, that his Grandfather had always had a passion to learn, but by then it was too late. Learning this, at the time that Luke was only just starting to discover how important the world of music was, he decided to make best by his Grandad’s parting gift, and put it to his own uses and passion.

Luke started teaching himself around the same time he started High School, meeting aspiring musicians along the way and starting a band. He devoted his teenage years to teaching himself and learning from his heroes – such as Eric Clapton, and Jimi Hendrix, to name a few – at the time, and being the best he could be. He tried lessons, but much preffered the approach of learning on his own, and adapting to what he wanted to be able to do. Around this time, he started penning his first songs as well, often using the band at school to help create and mould the things he heard when writing them. Due to the fact that the band couldn’t find a vocalist, Luke stepped in and took it upon himself to better his vocal talents as well. He often used his spare time to develop an interest in music production, helping to further his song writing skills.

After his teens, he studied at The Academy Of Contemporary Music, Surrey; a place that would broaden his skills, and allow him to be a smaller fish in a bigger pond, and to develop, and work with many different musicians and bands.

He later joined “Andy Stedman & The Handsome Devils”, of which he spent two years with, lending his guitar and singing talents to Andy’s existing, and expanding catalogue of original songs.

He was quite happy to take the back seat until he started to get the itch to write and develop himself as an artist further, leading him to ultimately leave The Handsome Devils and pursue his own song writing.
He now spends his time performing in pubs, bars and other venues around Surrey, as well as writing and recording his own songs. His own musical career is at the forefront of his mind, and strives to make the world learn his name.